Personal Project: Meetboard

In the process of learning more about Rails, I designed and developed a tool where Google Calendar meets To-do lists.



I saw a recurrent need among co-workers to have more efficient tools to take notes during meetings and translate actionable outputs into something that could allow them an easy follow up.


A three panels layout where the user could easily have access to their meetings from Google Calendar, write notes during each one, and write down actionables in a TO-DO list should address all the identified needs.


Although this product was developed and published, I closed it given I did not have time to maintain it, but it was briefly used by some co-workers who provided me with valuable feedback. I also documented the process here.


The idea of the layout was designed to be use during meetings, with access to the meeting at the left, the main space for notes in the middle, and the outputs in the form of tasks at the right.


This is the screenshot of the implementation.


User can stil have access to information synced from Google Calendar


Actionables were filter by the ones generated on a meeting, and the collection of assigned tasks.